Flame and Frost wrapup

Well, never did get around to finishing the Molten Alliance dungeon. Two weeks only, really? And now there’s more Living Story coming down the pipe? I dunno about anyone else, but getting slapped with a fixed 5-man dungeon at the end of a soloable story arc that stretched over months and then that dungeon disappears faster than the holiday events kinda burned me. I just got nothing. No enthusiasm, no desire to play, nothing. I should feel excited that there’s going to be more story and that the Southsun zone is getting a change. But instead all I got is “Meh.” The thought of doing more bait-and-switch vapor content just isn’t appealing. I could be using that time in the evening to do more work.

I still play, but that’s only when there’s someone already there to play with. It’s a small existential crisis in regards to the game. Why am I playing? What is the point? I had been thinking about trying to bring my guild back before this last dungeon, but how the hell do I try to convince them now? Yeah, there were some new stories, but you missed ‘em. They’re gone. Two weeks was all you had to finish it. Oh, out of the country? Too bad. Crunch time at work? Too bad. You all despise GW2 dungeon design? Too bad.

I don’t think I’m getting my guild back. Especially if there ends up being no way for them to experience all of the storylines they missed.

I still haven’t finished the Personal Story either. As soon as I found out that my soloable instanced story would end in a fixed 5-man dungeon, I dropped it. Cabbage-head wasn’t helping either. For a while, I just tossed the arc out of the mental window and came up with my own. Even thought about writing down the story for my human guardian from Ebonhawke. My enthusiasm is dying for even that. That’s actually a really bad sign, now that I think of it.

I’d like to see GW2 make more use of its dynamic scaling ability. I’d like to see layers upon layers of story built up, so that it was possible for each character to take a completely different storyline. I’d like to see GW2 use the tools it has to really set itself apart from the other games.


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