Been there. Done that.

Finally got World Completion on my Norn Ranger.

I’ve taken a break from GW2 since my last post on the subject a few weeks ago. Sit out the Living Story ratrace and wait for the Orr temple event scaling to get fixed. The only motivation left was map completion, but my server hadn’t been green in WvW for months. Those green strongholds were the only places left to explore. Then word reached me that my server was now in the green.

So, I hauled my Norn Ranger over to WvW, cursed at the invisible barriers that are halfway onto a series of beams in a jumping puzzle to a vista, and ran with a zerg until we could push to the last point I needed. Yay! WvW maps complete! But what’s this? No Gifts of Exploration? Why is that?

I found a couple Guild Puzzle waypoints that were added after I completed their respective maps, but still no avail. So, I go to the all-knowing wiki. Go to the Chantry of Secrets? Okay. It’s about time my Ranger checked in with her Order, anyways. Apparently, the Tyrian Explorer’s Society mail pigeons didn’t know where to find her and forwarded the Gifts of Exploration to the Order of Whispers base. I imagine that some poor Initiate on mailroom duty stealthed up to the wandering Lightbringer and dumped a couple of scrolls into her hands.

So, now that achievement is complete, I’ll let my Norn Ranger kick back in the Chantry of Secrets for a while and enjoy tormenting Initiates with her Jaguar. “You call that stealth? Sic ‘em!” My break from GW2 continues, mostly because my guild has entirely left the game and I don’t find the Living Story disappearing carrot that compelling. Like I’ve said before, I prefer layers upon layers of stories, so that it’s possible for each character I have to not overlap in their story. That’s the sort of thing that takes time to build and it’s hard to do when the slate keeps getting wiped.







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