Max Brand: Way of the Lawless

I finished reading Way of the Lawless by Max Brand. It was an enjoyable read with a really good action pace through it. Most people think of Max Brand as a Western writer, but this one is less Wild West and more contemporary to the time it was written. The cat and mouse games between Hal Dozier and Andrew Lanning grow into grudging respect for each other. Along the way, Andy has to decide what kind of man he is.

On another note, I started reading Max Brand because I was told that my books were similar in feel. Sure, they may take place on some different world, but it’s close to the same time period and the pacing is quick. It doesn’t hurt that Az in Bane and Black Mark is rocking a little of the Andrew Lanning vibe. Not completely, since they are two different characters in two different settings, but they each make their mistakes. I’m curious if this is a common character archetype for Max Brand stories, so I’m off to read another of his books. Black Jack or Gunman’s Reckoning?

Max Brand was a seriously prolific writer. If I produced half as much as he did in my lifetime, that would be a major accomplishment.

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