Karen Senki: Episodes 01 and 02 Review

Karen Senki title card
Our selected anime today is Karen Senki, streaming at Crunchyroll.

Here’s the summary as Crunchyroll tells it:  Karen leads the human resistance group, “11”. Having lost her little sister Touka in the war against these evolving machines, Karen’s strong motivation to save humanity is personal and raging for victory. Slowly growing distant and detached to numb her grief, Karen wants to inflict the same pain onto the machines as they have done to her. Can machines feel pain like humans?

Genres: Action

My first expectations when reading the summary was something along the lines of desperate humans fighting something akin to Skynet from the Terminator series. That sounds interesting to me, so I gave the first episode a look. Thinking that the first episode was just a disjointed audience hook, I watched the second episode. After all, the episodes are only 10-11 minutes long. So, what is Karen Senki?


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