Black Mark Book One: Bane and Black Mark

01 BBM Fancy

He didn’t believe curses were real.

Always looking for a good time, wearing a smile and a song, the young busker came to the bustling city of Ixpoli to play his music for a living. Instead, Azarola is pressed into the service of one of the many gangs that rule the urban underworld, trading his guitar for the gun in the darkest hours of the night. The smile of a beautiful and daring flapper brightens his days as he waits for spring and a winter love blossoms. However, the musician must make a lethal choice and a witch’s curse befalls him. Bearing a wicked brand, he discovers a sinister pact that will consume the city. He is only one man and cannot break the curse alone. Finding help with new friends, he battles to liberate himself and the city before time runs out for both.

Sample Chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two

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