City of Heroes


There are days where I really miss playing City of Heroes. Even after so many months after the game’s closing, I still get the urge to fly around Paragon City or run through its streets. I also miss looking down at my chat window and seeing Pinnbadges in sore need of context. Sometimes, there wasn’t any, which made it more hilarious.

I made a version of Azarola from Bane and Black Mark and he was my third character to reach level 50. He was a renegade Arachnos Soldier of the Huntsman variety. Back when I created him, it made more sense because of where I originally started the story. When Going Rogue came out, he went Rogue as fast as I could manage it. Running around and making choices within the game helped me figure out Az’s mindset and settle into the character. I’m not sure what archetype I would have chosen for him now. Dual pistol? A little too flashy and Az considers gun control as using both hands. Assault Rifle? A little on the large side.

Funny enough, he ended up as my most powerful character, despite having no magic or other superpowers, like the rest of my stable. There wasn’t much that he couldn’t take on with his trusty SMG and robot spiders. He “liberated” those spiders from the Arachnos repair shop. They were “refurbished” and acted like it. I wished that I could have Az ride on top of one of those big metal puppies. He even named them Fluffy and Cuddles. Fluffy was the “special” one. If a giant robot spider could derp, Fluffy was a master of it. Az also made great use of temp powers, including ALL of the grenades. He never went without them.

I also miss AE and I wish I had a chance to make missions based on the Black Mark series. Gangsters, fortunetellers, witches, and curses! Choices between gray and black, then rising above the darkness, dragging a piece of the criminal underworld with you.

Unfortunately, Paragon City is now just a memory. However, I’ve been watching three different projects take up the torch. The Phoenix Project, Heroes and Villains, and Valiance are working their way to pre-alphas. The spirit of heroes lives on.

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