Bane and Black Mark

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Bane and Black Mark is live!

To save his city and his own life, a guitarist-turned gangster must walk a dark path and unravel a foul plot.

Azarola just wanted to make a living busking on his guitar and impress the lovely flapper, Rohita, in a city that never sleeps. The heist of a strange mirror was only the beginning of his boss’s unsettling dealings with a purported witch. Dragged into the dark underworld of the bustling Ixpoli, Azarola must make a lethal choice and bear its mark. That mark opens a door into a sinister pact that threatens to consume the city. Will Azarola be able to muster up the forces necessary to break the curse?

This is  the first book in the Black Mark series.  I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope it will entertain others just as much as it entertains me. Follow the link for a preview of the first chapter.






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