A Brief Return to GW2

Very brief. I’ve been gone since the end of Flame and Frost.

I can see why everyone is saying “go ‘zerker or go home” now, too. DPS is king and everything is balanced around the dodging mechanic and twitch play. Control and support are just theoreticals.

The downside to the Living Story is that, after an absence of several months, nothing substantial has changed in the game and I’m still left with little to do or care about. It’s not like I can spend a week or few to catch up on the story and understand what the deal is with the current events. So, there is no investment in what is going on. There were some zone events with rescuing or protecting Vigil engineers, but nobody was doing them in the maps that I passed through and no one stopped to help on the one that I soloed. Wintersday is Wintersday, but it doesn’t look like I can finish up the achievements from last year. I can make more snowmen, but it doesn’t count for anything. So, there’s the same mix of dungeons and dragons that were there when I left. I was tired of repeating them months ago and I don’t feel any impetus to go back to them.

After running around a bit, I found the new construction in Divinity’s Reach. Not much explanation of what it is or why I can’t get into the blocked off area with the laurel vendor. I don’t have a pass and I didn’t find info on how to get one, if I can get one. I just threw up my hands at that point and decided that I had other things to do with my time.

I still don’t understand the decision to make so much content temporary without any way of visiting it after the event it done. Upon return after several months, there’s really nothing to reconnect to and catch up on. Well, there’s another armor tier. Yay. *shrug*

So, I’m left with an MMO itch that still needs to be scratched.






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